Dengue self-medication risking lives, say docs
TimesOfIndia 2015-09-14 05:58
LUDHIANA: This season's first dengue death in the city has brought to fore the practice of people relying on self-medication and questionable private clinics for treatment.

On Friday, a 27-year-old man, Muzaam, was the first casualty reported due to dengue. He had first gone to an acclaimed hospital in the city for treatment. However, after he had been diagnosed with the condition, he reportedly went to a clinic for treatment and was administered an injection that eventually led to gangrene and his death on Friday.

The man's family had, in turn, accused the hospital of negligence, while the hospital had claimed that it was due to a "wrong" injection administered at the clinic that Muzaam died. A general physician based in Chandigarh Road, Dr Amit Sehgal, said the problem lied in the people wanting to get cheap treatment and not getting admitted to a hospital. "Patients are treating this as normal fever, and that is where the problem lies," he said.

The highest number of dengue cases have been from outskirts of the city, including areas like Giaspura, Shimlapuri, Shivpuri, Tajpur Road, and Dhandari Kalan.

According to the doctors around city most of the dengue cases are being reported late, as people tried self-medication at first. "The biggest mistake committed by patients is that of self-medication. As dengue starts with fever, people reply on antibiotics. They, however, are unaware that this makes their body resistant to medicines," Dr Paramjeet Singh, a general physician at a private hospital in Dugri, said.

When contacted, district epidemiologist Dr Ramesh Bhagat said they were making all arrangements for meeting the rush of dengue patients. "We have asked all hospitals to be ready with beds or new isolation wards. He civil hospital has managed 15 additional beds so far and others are also pitching in," he said.

16 new cases from district

On Sunday, 22 new cases of dengue were reported at hospitals in Ludhiana. Of these, 16 are from the district, with seven each being reported from Ludhiana and Khanna, and one each from Samrala and Machiwara. As far as the district is concerned, the total number of cases has reached 124.

Dengue diet

Don't consume food comprising spices and salt, and that is fried and oily

Diet should include boiled vegetables, porridge, soup, toast, apples, bananas and tea

The focus should also be on keeping the patient hydrated

Gradually, protein-rich foods like milk, chicken, eggs should be included in the diet
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