Bizarre: Wife follows Guru's advice, refuses to have sex; Mumbai man gets divorce
oneindia 2015-09-14 22:20

Mumbai, Sept 14: Four years after their marriage, their relationship came to an end. The young couple from Mumbai moved a court in the city as the husband was upset with his wife.

The husband accused his wife of not allowing him to have sex with her. He also claimed that his wife follows the advice of religious leader whom she considers as her "guru".

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According to the husband, his wife did not allow him to have physical intimacy with her as her guru had said so. His wife also reportedly told him that she was not willing to have kids with him.

The man also accused the woman of having fights with his family members. She allegedly had hacked his emails and sent 'objectionable' mails to his friends. She also allegedly used to disturb him by frequent phone calls at office hours.

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However, the wife had a different story. She accused her husband of demanding to have "unnatural sex" with her.

Hearing arguments of both sides, the court permitted the man to divorce his wife.

While delivering the judgment, the court said, "The wife has no sufficient cause for denial of physical intimacy to the husband. Therefore, the act of respondent (wife) amounts to mental cruelty."

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