Netaji Bose files to be de-classified today in West Bengal
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Kolkata, Sept 18: The Kolkata Police will on Friday, Sept 18 de-classify the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose files in front of the family members and the media before throwing it open for the public.

Earlier this month West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee said that 64 files relating to Bose will be de-classified and made public. The files are expected to be de-classified today at 9.30 am.

Netaji Bose files to be de-classified

There are 64 files today which will be de-classified. Out of these files 9 belong to the state intelligence bureau while the rest are of the Kolkata police.

What can we expect?

The files are likely to contain information on Shaulmari Baba.

The West Bengal Intelligence Bureau had snooped on a person by the name Sadhu Saradananda who was also known as Shaulmari Baba. The intelligence bureau snooped on Shaulmari Baba after it was suspected that he was Bose in hiding.

The de-classified files would also contain information on how the intelligence snooped on the family members of Bose. There would be some files containing information of how the intelligence snooped on Bose and his family.

Some of the files would contain information on correspondence. Over several years there has been a lot of correspondence between the West Bengal Chief Ministers and the Prime Minister over the Bose mystery.

Some of the files among these 64 would relating to the various controversies relating to Bose.

There have been various documentaries that have been made on Netaji Bose and in some of them he has been portrayed in negative light.

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