Australia had so many players to turn to under pressure: Clarke
cricbuzz 2015-09-18 03:36

Michael Clarke's celebrations with the Australian team was interrupted when he had to leave for a dope test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday but that did not stop him from admiring the set of players he had at his disposal during the successful campaign in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

"I've got plenty of time to get back into that change room and celebrate with the team. I don't think we'll do too much (else) tonight. I think we'll stay in there and spend some time together. We've worked really hard as a group, and I think it's important in times like these you celebrate together," he said.

"I think it was really important that we went on a victory lap to thank the supporters," Clarke said. "The support we've had throughout the whole tournament has been fantastic, and I do believe that's played a big part in us having success. I said that after the Ashes, and I believe this tournament is no different."

Clarke said aggression was always been a part of the Australian teams he had been involved in. "I think it's about trying to take wickets as a bowler. It's about trying to score runs as a batsman. The rules of one-day cricket allowed my captaincy style to be as aggressive as I like to be. The fact you only have four fielders out makes you try and take wickets. If there's wickets in hand, the last 15-20 overs of a one-day match can be so destructive.

"I think the team is in a great place. I think they'll continue to have success. I think they'll continue to get better. I think that talent will not just be talent, it'll be consistent performance. I think, like I said, I think it's the right time for me to go now. I think this team is ready to move forward and continue to have a lot of success all around the world," he said.

Clarke said each player has played a big part in the success. "We've worked really hard. Even today, once we bowled New Zealand out, six or seven of the guys went to the nets for a hit in the lead-up to our batting innings just to make sure they were as well prepared as they could be and be ready to chase those 180 runs. It shows the discipline and the dedication to wanting the help the team have success," he said.

"Im extremely proud and happy with how the day panned out. I think New Zealand deserve credit for the way they played in the tournament. We have the utmost respect for that team, and I guess my relationship with Brendon is very close, and I wish them the best. I think the two best teams in the World Cup were in the final, and just happened to be our day today," he said.

"I believe the boys have been exceptional the whole summer, there's no doubt about it. I think there's definitely some tired players in that change room. But the summer has been different because it's not just about the physical side of the game. I think we've all experienced the mental side and the emotion of what's happened.

"I guess that's why the boys deserve even more credit, to be able to continue to get up every single day and want to perform and help the team have success with that emotion that runs through your body," Clarke said.

"Through the whole World Cup, I made it very clear that it was going to be skill, not emotion that won us the World Cup, and I think a lot of the things I've said in press conferences have actually been for myself. I'm saying it out loud so I can hear it myself. I've needed to say it out loud because it has been emotional, there's no doubt about it.

"To deal with what we've all dealt with over the last few months and to win a World Cup in front of your home fans, it's taken amazing discipline from all the players, a lot of hard work, and it's a fitting reward, like I say, for the pain everyone has gone through. I just think we've got better every day. I think our attitude has been unbelievable. The way we've trained, our preparation has been spot on, the discipline the players have shown to try and get better. I think that's why we've had consistent success over the last couple of years," he said.

Clarke also pointed out that the Australian way has always been about the big games. "With as much expectation and pressure as you have on you in your career playing a World Cup final in front of your home fans, every single player wanted to bowl or wanted to bat or wanted to take that catch. It's a special feeling. I've been really fortunate as captain to be able to turn to so many of the players under pressure and they want that opportunity," he said.
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