In Kashmir not all news is bad; Take a bow Indian army
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Srinagar, Sept 18: In this day and age where every second news from Kashmir which is reported is negative in nature, this particular bit of information will sure put a smile on your faces.

In the recent past several Kashmir based militant groups have been replicating the ISIS style of functioning by putting up propaganda videos against the Indian government and the army in particular.

Army using social media in J&K

Several youth of Kashmir are now coming forward to put up messages and videos which offer a positive vibe. There are several such accounts which are being run by the youth of Kashmir which speaks about how positive aspects such as how they are getting better education.

There are posts which have videos and photographs of a recruitment programme in Handwara by the Tata Consultancy Services.

The army too is doing its bit and has decided to use the social media to spread a positive message about Kashmir. There will be clips and messages of the services that the army has rendered in Kashmir especially at the time of the deadly floods.

A positive vibe

There have been a flurry of positive messages on the internet which go on to suggest that Kashmir is not all bad. For instance an engineering student speaks about his visit to an IIT in New Delhi. He says that there is inspiration around and how he felt happy when he visited the IIT.

The army in particular wants to set the record straight in Kashmir. Speaking about the rescue operations that were carried out during the floods, it has a message which states, " your pain was personal to us."

The army has been misunderstood a great deal in Kashmir. Thanks to the separatists who are on the pay rolls of Pakistan, they have portrayed an image which shows the army in very poor light.

The army is however taking steps to counter this. It would over the days post many videos in which the youth of the Kashmir would speak about the goodwill they have for the army.

Winning hearts

Today one only gets to hear about videos posted by terrorist outfits. A video that was posted by Wani Burhan a young Hizbul Mujahideen commander had gone viral. He has only negativity in him and tends to blame the army and the police for everything wrong in Kashmir.

The army would now counter these videos with the help of the youth of Kashmir who want to give peace a chance.

No one wants blood shed and fighting all the time, the youth say in their videos. The army also prefers such a style of countering these so-called viral terrorist videos.

There is a need to spread goodwill around and the army has decided that it would rope in the youth to do this. Army officials believe that this is the best way to counter the online propaganda by terrorist groups.

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