VHP Threatens Stir if House Allows Discussion on Anti-Beef Ban Bill
outlookindia 2015-09-18 11:00

VHP today threatened to launch a massive agitation and enforce an economic blockade in Jammu and Kashmir if the assembly allowed a discussion to revoke provisions criminalizing bovine slaughter and sale of beef in the state.

"We warn the state government that Jammu would observe a black day and the people of the region would be forced to take to the streets if the Assembly Speaker allowed a discussion on an anti-beef ban bill," Leela Karan Sharma, president of VHP's state unit told reporters.

"If the beef ban is revoked, VHP would enforce an economic blockade in Kashmir, forcing people to starve. The people of Jammu would not tolerate it...The government will have face consequences," he said.

"People will be forced to take to the streets and launch an agitation similar to the one in 2008 if slaughtering of bovines continued unabated in the region," Sharma said.

He said it was a "sensitive" issue related to religious and emotional sentiments of Hindus. "Nobody should be allowed to play with the sentiments of over one billion Hindus across the globe," he said.

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