Sisodia Suspends Top Education Dept Officers
outlookindia 2015-09-18 15:51

After visiting a school which he found in a "horrific" condition, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia today suspended two top officials of the education department and the Principal of the institute of Northwest Delhi.

The move is aimed at sending out a "clear message" that the government will not tolerate any official who put the future of children at stake, Sisodia said.

Apart from the Principal of the Government Boys School, Alipur, the Deputy Director of Education (Northwest district) and education officer were suspended for "dereliction of duties."

"Visited school today, found it in horrific condition; school filthy, classes disorderly, fin irregularities. Shocked at condition of school; Dy Dir Education hadn’t visited school in 5 yrs! How can we allow such an officer to remain?" Sisodia said.

Describing his experience in a series of tweets, Sisodia said that during the visit he found that cars of teachers were parked in empty classrooms and children were sitting in "broken-down rooms."

"School was filthy, rooms locked, children stuffed into hall – is this how a Principal runs a school?...This is unacceptable! Children have never entered Chemistry lab as Lab Asst never comes to school; have ordered his compulsory retirement," he said.
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