Rifts open as Australia’s new PM reshuffles cabinet
FreePress journal 2015-09-18 20:27

Sydney : The man tipped to become Australia’s next treasurer Scott Morrison in a looming cabinet reshuffle angrily defended himself against accusations today that he had betrayed former prime minister Tony Abbott.

Social Services Minister Morrison rejected the idea that he had made a deal with new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull so he could be promoted after the political assassination of Abbott.

“I had no role in his demise,” he said of Abbott who was removed in a vote as leader of the right-leaning Liberal Party, and government, on Monday.

Morrison said he had warned Abbott about the prospect of a challenge, and told the prime minister’s office last week that “things were pretty febrile and they should be on high alert”.

Morrison is tipped to be promoted to treasurer under Turnbull, a social liberal, despite voting for Abbott in the leadership contest in Canberra.

He said today that he had never made such a deal with Turnbull and only Abbott had offered him the job so far and he had refused.

As Turnbull prepares to announce his new cabinet, The Australian newspaper reported there were now ructions within the Liberal Party over how those who helped him stage his coup, would be rewarded.

“No one believes that any of the protagonists have clean hands,” one unnamed MP told the paper.

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